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Wake up in the morning in front of the sea, open the windows and let your eyes flood from the blue. Take the dream out of the drawer: Salento is the holiday you deserve, the break that will put you back on track. To relax with your family, dream with your love, have fun with your friends: Salento Case Vacanze has the most beautiful holiday homes for rent near the sea of Salento, trulli and villas with swimming pool, pajare and typical houses. 

Salento offers the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

We`ll give you the rest

Salento holiday homes has a catalog with over 400 properties to choose from, with proposals for any budget. If you are on holiday with your children, you will need a holiday home suitable for children, perhaps close to the sea, with the beach within walking distance. If you travel with your pet friends, it will be better to choose a holiday home with a garden. If you are a large group, you will opt for a house with many beds. Any need here has a solution that we will have the pleasure to advise you. Because? Because for us the holiday is a serious matter, a right, a cuddle that everyone should give themselves.


Feel at home in Salento

Look at ours offers for low cost holidays, the Salento last minute or early bookings to save on the price of the holiday home without giving up anything. Forget the office, traffic, agenda and stress: give yourself the sound of the waves, of nature, with a good coffee overlooking the sea: it`s vacation time!  


Do not let it be told: live it yourself

On one side high cliffs that precipitate overhanging the blue sea, on which there are imposing caves like cathedrals. On the other, a line of golden sand, with shallow water and crystal clear sea, for the joy of bathers. In the middle, expanses of olive trees and red earth, scents of Mediterranean maquis and slow rhythms, those of a land where time seems to stand still, where life still flows in harmony with nature. Come and discover why Puglia and Salento are considered corners of paradise.

What are the most beautiful places to visit? What to see during a holiday in Salento? See our guides travel, choose the location that you like best. Select a date and choose an offer for your holidays. 

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Discover the Salento

Find out where to spend your holidays in Puglia

Emotion yourself through ideal routes, enjoying the secrets of this land. Class and fine art of hospitality, where l`ospite is the focus of all attention, a unique journey of discovery of our villas in the most exclusive locations. Read more

Frequent questions

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Can I have a quote? Are there arrival times for entry into the house? How to proceed with the balance of the price? Here you find all the answers you are looking for. If you have further questions or need direct advice, call us on +3908331855212, we will be happy to help you. Read the answers.

Travel guides

travel tips for holidays in Puglia

How to better enjoy the Salento? Here`s everything you need to know to better organize your holiday: what to do, what to see and what to eat to make an authentic experience of the territory. An unmissable guide for those who looking for inspiration. See our guides on Salento

Events & News

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Events, events and news on Salento: all that there is; to know in order to live traditions, festivals, concerts, fairs, hamlets, food and wine to experience the magic of Puglia all year. Go to the section