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Porto Cesareo

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Holidays in Porto Cesareo

Book your holidays in Porto Cesareo in the province of Lecce

To better manage their holidays, it is important to decide which is the best accommodation. Try to find your home vacation rent in Porto Cesareo on the sea and at a good price, the rest is joy!!!!
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Porto Cesareo
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Porto Cesareo
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Porto Cesareo
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Porto Cesareo
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Porto Cesareo
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to Book your holidays in Porto Cesareo in the province of Lecce

Porto Cesareo is a town with a high tourist density in summer, but inhabited also during the winter. Located on the ionian coast of the salento peninsula, is about half an hour drive from Lecce, from Gallipoli, in a strategic position to visit most of the area north-west of Salento (Apulia). 

From the naturalistic point of view, it is very important, as it is home to the dele of the Marine Protected Area.  This is an area that is the subject of ongoing studies by the University of Salento for the presence of 10 different habitats, including the habitat of Posidonia oceanica, the coralligenous reef and the environments of the cave.  

Another important discovery, in collaboration with the CNR of taranto, in the Marine Protected Area there is a body, the only one so far known that is able to reverse the evolutionary process, escaping, thus, to death. 

of Course, the mediterranean vegetation prevails in the whole of the marina area and in the hinterland as in the rest of the Salento.

The weekly market is held on Thursdays in the area close to the seafront and the centre of the paese.

Where to stay in Porto Cesareo

rentals in Porto Cesareo are distinguished by the duration of the stay. Families prefer to take a holiday home in Porto Cesareo for long periods of time for children to play on the beach. Couples prefer short stays in B&B or hotel for visiting all the Salento and the most popular resorts such as Leuca, Gallipoli and Otranto. 

Many tourists choose to take in the rent holiday homes directly on the beach in Porto Cesareo one or two floors, and in the various nearby tourist locations such as Strea, Torre Chianca, Torre Lapillo and the famous beach of Punta Prosciutto.

Normally you are looking for apartments with eat-in kitchen to be able to be independent and save some money compared to a full board in the hotel. Popular are the B&B in the centre of Porto Cesareo for a short stay and walk to both beaches, shops and tourist activities.

Those seeking a little more privacy often look for a villa with sea view 50 metres from the beach in the main resort town of Porto Cesareo, but also to the tourist attractions in minori.

apartments on the sandy beach are always more in demand, so much more are just a few meters from the sea much more expensive, especially in August. The holiday homes with two bedrooms are among the most requested, as well as those with 6/8 seats letto.  

What to See in Porto Cesareo

in Addition to explore the beautiful coastline of porto cesareo, a few hundred metres from the centre of Porto Cesareo, right on the harbour front, is the renowned rabbit Island, so called by the inhabitants of the place and all the salento, but it is assumed that on the ancient nautical charts and military had the name of the Big Island. The name so-called, in the vernacular comes from an event that is precise. In fact, it was always promoted in the the 50 breeding in the wild, a colony of rabbits. A large part of the island is covered by a pine forest, where reforestation was carried out from the part of the Forest Guard around the years `50. The island is usually reached by ferries of the place.

the most interesting monuments are the Church of our Lady of Perpetual help in the neoclassical style. Among the museums we recommend Ii Museum Talassografico that contains a collection of shells, a herbarium and rare species of fish. 

Of historical importance, along the coast there are four watch Towers, built in the XVI century to protect the salento peninsula from enemy invasions: Torre Cesarea, Torre Lapillo, Torre Chianca, Torre Inserraglio, and Torre Castiglione. Of the latter only a few ruins remain as it was demolished during the Second world war.

TO the north of Porto Cesareo is situated in the locality of Scalo di Furno, an important archaeological site that has been identified in a village, surrounded by a wall of approximately 2.5 metres and dating back to the age of the Bronzo.

Curiosity to Porto Cesareo

In 2002, Porto Cesareo, leaps to the honors of the national news for the construction of a statue dedicated to actress Manuela Arcuri. A statue of natural size, made in lecce stone, which symbolized beauty and prosperity. At the opening participated also the Italian actress Manuela Arcuri. 

The wives of fishermen have opposed from the very start the exhibition of the work, because it is considered too far away from the image of the woman of the place, the woman who waits for her husband to fall from the day of fishing. They organized even a collection of signatures to request removal, the demand was not accepted. 

After several controversies, however, have won the women of Porto Cesareo: in 2010, the Administration has decided to remove the statue, which now sits inside a private property.

we Recommend a visit to the Marine Biology Station (Museum), managed directly by the Faculty of Biology of the University of Salento. This is not a museum that collects artifacts, but presents the visitor with a reconstruction of the stretches of coast and seabed of the area. The walls of the museum are painted in order to reproduce the characteristics of the coast and its flora. There is a collection of algae, also known at the international level, which contains more than 700 types.

The museum is very appreciated by children and, in particular, the area dedicated to sea monsters, with testimonies of wacky animals as the fetus of a shark with two heads. The entrance, among other things, is gratuito.