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"www.salento-casevacanze.it&quot it is a domain that is managed in close collaboration by:

Salento-CaseVacanze Daniela Spedicato and the company Barbarhouse snc Antonio Luigi Barbara & Co.


 Con "www.salento-casevacanze.it" puoi:

- choose the house which best meets your needs;

- verify independently the availability and prices;

- print the screen of each individual property to ensure the accuracy of the information;

- book a weeks stay  of interest to you.

- pay the deposit from home using credit card or bank transfer on-line.

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All of the houses featured on the Salento-CaseVacanze.en are published following a regular mandate

signed by Salento-CaseVacanze Daniela Spedicato and the respective owners;

Salento-CaseVacanze is acting for the account of and special power of attorney of the company Barbarhouse snc


All photos and information are made directly by our operators;

descriptions of all of the solutions contain a part relating to our personal evaluation

is a purely technical concerning the objective information of every single house.


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you Can find, among the various proposals offered, the right house for your Holidays in Salento!

For every house, you can see a detailed sheet with the various sections:

  1. textual description of the general,

  2. technical and detailed,

  3. photo gallery accurate,

  4. availability, services, and prezzi.

you Can call telefonicamentand and seek assistance and advice from

n° 0833.50.49.10 in the times d'office, and at no. cell. Clear 3349530966;

You can Visit independently, all our offers

you Can write an e-mail at any time and request information

more detailed;

you Can Book online, speeding up time and avoiding that I can do anyone else,

and pay the deposit by credit card or online bank transfer.

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Are private homes or residential centers for the holidays.

First or second holiday homes at the seaside or the countryside, of our owners.

B&B, however, are autonomous structures that provide on-line booking service.

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If you want to find  ONLY   the houses that accept pets,

use the module  SEARCH for HOLIDAY HOMES (here your left),

please click on the button  (Advanced) and select the entry "Animals Ammessi".


Every single "Board real Estate", dell'list identified,

consult the section  "Calendar and Prices" ,

between the the Terms of lease will have all of the information and any additional costs.

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