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    Rivabella ( Gallipoli )

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Grazioso bilocale, sito nella marina di Rivabella, a 3 km da Gallipoli, ubicato in un complesso residenziale. Ideale per una vacanza vicino a Gallipoli a pochi metri dalla spiaggia.

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Type: holiday homes
Tipo: Unit in a flat
Star rating: One star
code: GARBCV003
Numer of beds 3
  • 1 Extra bed
bedrooms 1
  • 1 double room
Bathrooms 0
  • 1 Bathroom with shower
Inside details
  • 1 breakfast nook
  • Open to living room
  • Quality: Medium
  • Furniture: Simply
  • seafront
  • Sea Distance: < 500 m
50 Total square meters, divided into:
  • 50 Inside sqm
Useful information
  • 1 car parking not covered
  • Other rooms: 1 balcony
  • 1 cupboard
  • 1 entrance hall
- Washing machine
- Air-conditioned
- Park
Other features: doccie esterne comuni
Note: Consumo corrente non compreso nel prezzo.

Where is located

Area: Rivabella
City: Gallipoli (LE)


ATTENTION, the mandate related to this property has expired, therefore it is not rentable. If you wish to receive information about other properties; please click here


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