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Blu Bay disco -English-

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SPEND A SPECIAL NIGHT? Contact Perle di Puglia’s staff and book your night at the Blue Bay, one of coolest disco-club in the Mediterranean! Perle di Puglia’s customers will have a preferential entrance and a privé reserved for them where drinks will flow to the music dance! Blue Bay of Castro is the glamour antidote to the gritty clubbing scene of Salento. The stated intention of this top club has always been to offer the best to its guests in terms of class and style, a policy which extends from the line-up of the best DJs in Europe to the care of environments and spaces. Blue Bay dominates a high hill overlooking one of the most picturesque cliffs of Salento. Here, large green areas, water features and modern architecture merge, creating a refined and suggestive atmosphere, where you can drink and dance en plein air poolside. Gardens and a spectacular and huge swimming pool overlooked by palm trees are places of daily destination for relaxation and sun during the day time and buzzing nightlife after sunset. Special atmosphere also in the inner rooms, beautifully adorned and enlivened by brilliant chandeliers and warm color contrasts of the walls and furnitures. In the morning pool, in the evening disco. This is the Blue Bay of Castro. A place that certainly you won’t forget!
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